Billson's Easter Scavenger Hunt

XRii understand the significance in developing captivating customer promotions that create an impact in today’s fast-paced world.

Project Plan.

Capture and produce a case study, campaign teaser and social media video reels, that showcase the Billson’s app as a prime example of XRii’s capabilities.

These visual assets promote the XRii app and demonstrate how businesses can leverage the immense power of augmented reality to their advantage.

About the App.

Powered by XRii’s geo-mapping and augmented reality technology, Billson’s launched a custom app and scavenger hunt promotion. This challenged customers to collect various AR cordial bottles in return for Billson’s Gold – a limited edition bottle of Billson’s Brewery Golden Honeycomb Cordial.

This XRii + Billson’s partnership not only attracted new customers and increased engagement, but it also provided a way for customers to explore and interact with the local community, which has a rich Gold Rush heritage.

Billson's Easter Scavenger Hunt example
Ross Performance PartsaBillson's Easter Scavenger Hunt example
Billson's Easter Scavenger Hunt example
Billson's Easter Scavenger Hunt winner
Billson's Easter Scavenger Hunt golden honeycomb cordial

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