Food Service

Formally the owner and operator of Cafe Victor, Carlos now owns and operates Firebird Eatery.

His specialty is creating dishes that are infused with the rich and exotic flavours of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines.

Firebird Eatery - Phone design

Carlos requested the full treatment; starting with marketing and business strategies to content creation and advertising campaigns.

We photographed his products, designed his menu and website.

Also producing marketing videos, reels and social media content.

Carlos started the Firebird Eatery in 2023, running a chicken shop featuring elements of Lebanese and Mediterranean food.

After working closely with Carlos for a number of months on his marketing and business strategy. We both concluded that he should stay true to his roots by focusing on creating wholesome, authentic Lebanese food.

With the new direction, you could see a shift in Carlos’ attitude and demeanour. He was BACK, his passion and excitement had returned.

Carlos continues to receive strategic advice both his marketing and business operations.

Firebird Eatery - Menu
Firebird Eatery - Menu Cover

The branding tones, colours and imagery reflect the rich and exotic flavours of Lebanese and Mediterranean cultures. Social media and advertising needed to be fresh and daily to help promote in-store and online sales.

Something about result / thoughts from client

“Working with the BEAL team is wonderful. Maddie and Tim are amazing to work with with, photographing my food and building my website.

Phil and I have a solid working relationship, with the understanding that we can abuse the crap out of each other, without taking offence. I thrived off his belittlement haha. We even sometimes compromise on who is right

Carlos Saliba, Owner / Chef